Some meetings

mark a life

In the summer of 2016, we had the great pleasure and honour to meet the painter Jean Bertot. Monsieur Jean, in his natural way, transformed what should have been a brief hello into a charming afternoon full of stories, anecdotes and humour. This turned into a unique opportunity for us to listen to Jean talking with passion about his famous dad, his studies at the Rotterdam Academy, his brilliant professional life as painter, his passion for antiques and works of art, his restaurant exhuming « well-being and the good life » ; all of that filled with Belgian humour and the simplicity which characterizes so well Monsieur Jean.


The man left his mark, his talent too. How nice it would be to associate the beauty of his works with our wines... Quite naturally, we found paintings susceptible of illustrating the “colour of our wines”. It didn’t take much to convince our friend to share the chosen creations.
« Your choice! »

Many thanks, Jean.

Dominique Kestens - Jean-Marc Mahieu

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