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"Dreams are a sign of ambition, since ambition is nothing more than the shadow of a dream".

Hamlet act 2 scene 2 William Shakespeare

Originally there was land. 

Then came the mutual discovery of

the locals.
The shared desire of Dominique and Jean-Marc to add a stone to the edifice of their live, led them to this jewel case of the South-West, the charming village of Dolmayrac.


Domaine de l'Oyon is passionately built today around a common interest : wine. From local and classic grape varieties, lovingly cared for, emerge the grapes that produce the different vintages of the Domaine de l'Oyon: Le Clos, Plénitude, Expression, Eden and Déraison.

These wines will delight connoisseurs and bring you a special flavor through the privileged relationship with Dominique and Jean-Marc, because inevitably, one day or another, you will share these wines together with them.

Jacques Langohr

Wine and Champagne Specialist


Is it Luck or Honor?

One thing is certain, you do not happen by chance at the "Domaine de l'Oyon”, in Dolmayrac.

Forever printed:

  • A meeting with thousands of plants: their specificity, their development and their size

  • The pleasure of a hilly area, flooded with sun: a whole, a landscape

  • An inspiration from Jean-Marc, Dominique and Pauline: more than friends, with their friends

A work crowned by Déraison, Expression and Eden!




The history of viticulture resonates in the passionate explanations of our hosts.

I was pleasantly surprised by the very professional approach of these newcomers. Always guaranteed atmosphere!




As a "sideline spectator", I was charmed by the relaxed atmosphere and by the pleasantly united group. Among the many laughs, the quality of the hard work through the whole process is of a foolproof consistency.

All the elements were present to produce quality wines.


Only the passion for beauty and good taste can lead to such a result. Not everyone is given the opportunity to complete such a demanding project, and in the end get a wine of such quality. Jean-Marc and Dominique are self-willed, perfectionist and generous. These qualities are found back in the fruit of their new passion. The white and rosé wines we had the pleasure to taste are perfectly reflecting their image. As for the reds, we are impatient to discover them in 2021!


Véronique and Pierre

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